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Our Courses

Action4London run courses throughout the capital, providing people with the tools they need to become the ‘cause’ of their lives, rather than the ‘effect’. Our courses empower individuals and communities to understand the purpose behind life’s physical and emotional challenges and how to grow and to achieve goals and true potential. We provide tools to enable an emotional depth to transform a life of lack into one of lasting fulfilment.

Youth Unemployment

Focus is on both the “inner game” of values, self-perception and doubts, and how they can affect the “outer game” of achieving success in life. Those who join the course are taken on a journey of personal development that builds self-awareness, motivation and personal leadership, as well as the skills to work effectively as part of a team, take up employment in an organisation and contribute as an active citizen to society.

Power of Venus
Female Leadership

Awaken the inner potential in this world as a woman and learn new secrets and tools to guide us through life; to develop a deeper level of self-appreciation, to use emotional depth as a tool to exert strength and awaken a true potential to be a strong, positive influence to the world around us, taking us to the next level.

Spirituality for Kids
Life Skills for Kids

Courses are to support children from any cultural background. Courses develop self-awareness, support them in making decisions and the impact of their choices, build resilience and treat challenges as opportunities. Support them in tapping into their inner strengths, developing self-esteem and awaken a deep desire to make a difference in the world.

Living with Loss
Bereavement Support

A comprehensive course designed to tackle head-on the process of dealing with grief, letting go and overcoming bereavement to reveal and understand, how to unlock the limitless potential within.
The course is aimed at young people (18-30) who have a particular vulnerability, feel lonely, isolated or lost and need practical solutions to help move forward and find a deeper, more fulfilling purpose again!

If you are interested in providing any of these free courses in your community then get in touch here.