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50,000 hours of service in 2015!

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About Action4London

A4L is a volunteering organisation empowering the most disadvantaged areas across London. In 2015 Action4London volunteers shared over 50,000 hours of their time. Identifying those in the greatest need A4L's 150 conscious volunteers support the needs of a diverse range of vulnerable or disadvantaged peoples.
Action4London not only provides the relative support and tools these groups need to transform their lives but also enables the volunteers themselves to be stronger conduits of positivity within their communities. In so doing A4L supported by the Kabbalah Centre London is transforming the consciousness of London to effect positive change throughout the city as more people through acts of sharing take responsibility for the world around them, becoming the cause of their lives rather than the effect!

We provide volunteers to Charities, Housing Associations, Community Organisations and London Councils.
If you feel you could benefit from our volunteering team get in touch here.

There are 3 main ways volunteers effect change: group volunteering, mentoring and teaching.

Group Volunteering

A4L partnered with the international organisation Mitzveh Day 365; over 70 volunteers all went out in one single day to deliver 5 different projects with different homeless shelters and vulnerable communities across London. In 2015 A4L delivered bi monthly group volunteering projects with London councils mobilising 120 volunteers to garden for the disabled, rebuild shelters, redecorate dilapidated accommodation and make sandwiches for the homeless community.

We ran an annual Holiday Project during December assembling over 500 gifts for donation to various underprivileged communities across London, as well as having over 40 volunteers all sharing their time!


Action4London provides self-empowerment courses for communities all across London. Our courses are designed to tackle specific issues facing certain demographics, they range from our LifeReady course targeted at Youth Unemployment to Power of Venus course targeted at Disadvantaged Women. The courses provide people with the tools they need to become the cause of their lives rather than the effect, to see what’s holding them back from reaching their true potential, to go deeper so that they can go further!

To find out about our courses and how you, your community or organisation could benefit please click here.


A4L provides a mentoring service for many community or charitable organisations all across London! Where there is a need we are willing to help. We currently provide befriending the elderly services, after school support, arts/ drama/ music classes as well as supporting those with reading difficulties. A4L provides mentors for youths recently held in custody as part of a Divert Programme to reduce re-offending across the capital. Whatever the circumstance or situation our mentors work with communities to give them the emotional support they need to overcome all of life’s challenges.

If you have a desire to grow your organisation, to start a new initiative in your community then get in touch here.