A4L volunteers provided over
50,000 hours of service in 2015!

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Action4London is a volunteering initiative empowering London’s most disadvantaged communities

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Our Courses

Action4London run a series of courses throughout the capital providing people with the tools they need to become..

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Our Partners

Action4London at its heart is an idea. Anyone looking to remove space between people and communities within London..

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Group Volunteering

Action4London have over 150 active volunteers across London, as part of A4L’s group volunteering initiative, teaching..

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This is the place where you can view images and videos from our latest volunteering events.

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Building a Community Space

Our Latest Event



Volunteering on Community Day

A4L partnered with an international organisation; over 70 volunteers all went out in one single day to deliver 5 different projects with different homeless shelters and vulnerable communities across London.

We cleaned & renovated a homeless shelter and assembled a 'beauty team' to provide pampering for residents, made lunch for another homeless community, hosted a tea party while singing for the elderly and finally made over 400 sandwiches which were sent to 3 different homeless shelters!